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May 2004: Some miscellaneous pictures (page 1/9)

[picture: Old Bible 3, Top View]

Some pictures, mostly for stock image use, I took in May of 2004.

Title: May 2004: Some miscellaneous pictures

Author: Liam Quin

Total items: 91

Stock image royalty-free for non-commercial uses only, usage credit required, or as marked.

Some sample images

[picture: Old Bible 5]

Old Bible 5

The antique book is open at an illustrated page; taken this time from a different angle.

[picture: ivory gaming dice 3]

ivory gaming dice 3

Nine antique ivory dice.

[picture: coloured plastic gaming dice]

coloured plastic gaming dice

Dice in bright sunlight leaving pretty shadows.

[picture: Abstract blur]

Abstract blur

The box in the background has the SoftQuad logo on it, although that company is long defunct.

[picture: Yellow milk shake]

Yellow milk shake

Probably mango. Next to a cactus in the same restaurant.

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Some pictures, mostly for stock image use, I took in May of 2004.

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